The middle of May, 2002, Ralph Bradford, Don Hinman, Ward Hruza (Ralph's neighbor) and myself (Smitty) went to Canada on a bear hunt.  It was a good trip with three of us coming back with a bear.

If any of you guys think you might be interested in going on a trip, let me know. We are working on a caribou trip next fall. More information to come as it comes available.


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Left to right:  Ralph Bradford (65/66), Harry 'Smitty' Smith (69), Ward Hruza (age 17), Don Hinman (65/66).  Bear hunt in High Level, Alberta, Canada, May 2002.

Elk Hunt, Colorado, October 2002

Tom Molinaro, Myself (Smitty), Bob Connelly, Johan Lesnock, Michael Kopko took a trip to Colorado to hunt the Elk.  More info to follow as the photos come available.  One of the main reasons to go on the hunt is the photo below.  But, there are more reasons too.

Canadian Trip Photos
Colorado Trip Photos
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