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Now, with the reunion in Louisville over, we get on with life and look to another year. Those of us who were in Tucson last year, or Branson, the year before, felt less of the apprehension we felt the first time, as we watched and waited for our friends to arrive at the hotel, some, not seen, for 30 plus years. Many 'first times' were experienced by all of us.

As with the previous reunions, flags were on display, unit emblems were on the walls and pictures, scrapbooks, and military gear were covering many of the tables. Other tables held many donated items for the Kilo reunion raffle.

For many, this wasn't their first reunion. For some, it was. In all, there were almost 70 members of Kilo Company who came, along with their wives and families.

From Sunday to Wednesday, those of us who weren't re-living/re-fighting battles, our time was filled with tours to Churchill Downs/Kentucky Derby; The Louisville Slugger Museum; Fort Knox/Patton Museum; Jim Beam Distillery; and a dinner cruise. All set up, along with a wonderful hotel, by our Louisville hosts Carolyn and Tom Urekew.

Thanks at this time should also go to Peg and Smitty who do so much and have done so much for Kilo Company in setting things up, toting things across country, and in keeping things going.

The memorial service was a hard time again, for us, as the names of those 135 Kilo Company members killed in VietNam were read. Added this year were the names of those Kilo members who, since VietNam, have passed away.

Colonel Ray Kummerow (1969-1970), spoke of the Australian tradition of everything stopping at 9:00 p.m. while those present remember the men and women killed in war. …As long as we remember them, they're not really gone!

Next years reunion will be in Washington, D.C. on August 7th to 11th. A reminder now to those planning to go, contact your Congressman early and ask for passes. As D.C. is such a busy place, no side trips/ excursions have been planned.

Albuquerque, N.M. was voted as the 2004 reunion site,(October). San Antonio, Tx. and Minneapolis, Mn. are being considered as future sites.

A number of different cruises were being looked into by Deb Rolke for a later date.

Of lesser information, the Kilo T Shirt has gone from gray to green and now, red, with the emblem switching from the back to the front. A well designed shirt that many wore.

Saying good-byes Wednesday morning was hard. All week the weather had been beautiful and now, Hurricane Isadore was making her appearance as we were ready to depart. Some of us drove out of it and there were those unlucky few who had to drive into her. All in all, it was a wonderful time for those of us that could be there and it was hard to say good-bye for another year.

For many in Louisville, the question about medals and ribbons came up, so here, before saying good-bye, is the answer and the procedure: Lost medals or decorations may be requested at any time. The government will replace lost or destroyed decorations for service or valor at no cost. Your DD 214 may also be updated to include ALL service awards since separation. (DD215).

The request should contain a short letter asking for the update, your Date of Military Service, Social Security #, Serial #, Date of Birth, and a COPY of your DD 214. Requests normally take several months. Address this to: Naval Military Personnel Command, Liaison Office, Room 5409, Personnel Records Center, 9700 Page Boulevard, St. Louis, Mo. 63132-5100.

Til next year…Semper Fidelis,…Bill Rolke '69

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The stats for this reunion are as follows:

September-Louisville-Executive West Hotel
78 rooms