Fifth Annual Reunion Albuquerque, NM October 22 - 26, 2004



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Observations from Albuquerque, 2004.

In a change from past-post reunion newsletters I'm going to go in a different direction and aim this at those from Kilo Company that weren't there. For those that did attend, it's already a happy memory and a time to look ahead to the next reunion. Thanks and acknowledgements must still be made though:

To Brian and Sue McKinsey; for all that came about in Albuquerque. Such great planners and hosts … And what a great place!

To the Koenig family for a meaningful and truly awesome audio/visual presentation at the Kilo memorial service.

To the U.S.M.C. 4th Recon Bn. Honor Guard/ Color Guard, for their presentation at the memorial service.

To the bagpiper and bugler. To those behind the scenes; Raffle donators, administration workers, publicity, and other support. To Smitty and Peg, of course, and Dolly too, for all they do to keep Kilo Company a family.

Finally, to Santa Fe, balloon rides, Old Town, the Barbeque Roundup, Tequila shots, maps, pictures, 782 gear, albums…and family. Like "The Nam", you had to be there to understand!

One thing I've noticed at our reunions is the Kilo member who's there for the first time. For most of us, as was for me in Branson, the thought is,"will anyone remember me?" We've all changed. For most of us it's been 35 years. We've got kids almost twice as old as we were," back then". We all look different, but there hasn't been a day, for any of us, where we haven't thought about our time "in country" and remember someone in particular and hope to see him again. Meeting again, for the first time, at the reunion, looking over pictures together, talking over old experiences, sharing special points in time with a friend we've missed each day for 35 years and not needing to explain what we say. We suffered and sacrificed together, trusted each other with all we had. We were nothing alone.

Minneapolis is next for us. The dates for 2005 are: August 11-14. For 2006 we go to New Orleans. We'll have a date for that after next year's reunion. We've all been missing someone or looking for each other for a long time. Join us in Minneapolis in 2005 as our friends and family…and be a part of us.

Till next year…Semper Fi…….Bill Rolke "69
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The stats for this reunion are as follows:

October -Albuquerque-Hilton Albuquerque
81 rooms