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The Sixth Annual Reunion was held in Minneapolis/St. Paul,  MN August 11 - 15, 2005

What is it that separates a combat veteran from the civilian?  It isn't friendship....we all have friends.  We all have reunions too, but you won't feel the same emotions or "the ties that bind" at a high school or college reunion.

As combat vets, we've all surpassed some hurdle; carry visible and invisible wounds that no one else will ever know. I carry no other memories like those of the times and friendships of other young men, with whom I shared a year of death and destruction. There is no other friendship like that. It lasts forever.

I have been to all the Kilo reunions. Minneapolis was my 6th....OUR 6th.

Jay Sutton hosted the Minneapolis reunion and deserves special thanks for his efforts!

For the Memorial Service alone....tying together the escort, a bagpiper, Marine Corps Honor Guard, locating and inviting family members of some of our K.I.A.'s, a Blackhawk flyover and placing this all on the state capitol grounds in a beautiful Veterans Memorial location.

A lot of our 'honorary members', the wives and families, for those of you who have never been with us yet, had 'The Mall of America's' a few blocks away. I think we all got there at least once over the weekend.

The Kilo raffle keeps getting bigger as well. A lot of thanks have to go to those donating members and to Dolly who always does an excellent job coordinating it.

There are others to thank as well, Brian and Susan McKinsey, Smitty and Peg, The Koenig family, our Corpsmen (who are equally a part of Kilo Company), JoAnn Bradford for the products and others who do so much behind the scenes of each reunion!
If you've never been, you can't ask 'remember when' or whatever happened to'. I'm older now and losing it on the top and gaining it on the middle, most of us are, bue we remeberand we carry it with us proudly.

Please, join us.

New Orleans is next: The Omni Royal Orleans. The dates are: August 3-7, 2006

Yes....I know; Katrina, Rita and Wilma....

Storms didn't stop us then, did they?

Plan to come. There are lots of guys I still miss and want to see and talk to again. I'm sure that I'm not the only one.

Semper Fi

Bill Rolke '69
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The stats for this reunion are as follows:

August-Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport
65 rooms