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The Seventh Annual Reunion was held in New Orleans Louisiana, August 3-7, 2006

The Hotel:

The Omni Royal Orleans Hotel
621 St. Louis Street
New Orleans, LA 70140

We had 62 Kilo Company members attend the New Orleans reunion with their families. Five were first time attendees. With 450 members on the roster, that is about 1 in 7 attending…or, 15%. I don't know that that's significant in any way; I'm just putting it out there for you.

'65-'66 has always been strong in attendance, but recently, the 3rd Herd has been going gangbusters in showing up. Still, we need more of our Corpsmen to show up, and your coming to the next reunion is important in helping keep Kilo Company strong.

If you weren't there, a few answers: Yes, it was hot, but it was hot all over the U.S. this summer. Hurricane Katrina: New Orleans was crowded, everything was open and no, we didn't see any damage.

If you were there you'll not soon forget, but still, to prick your memory, you'll remember Muffulettas, The D-Day Museum, Bourbon Street, buggy rides, Harrah's, Petunia's (ask Smitty), Hurricanes and tap beer…and "The Great Bead Hunt".

Like H&S Company of old, lots of effort goes into planning and setting our reunions up and running them. A special thanks has to go to Joe Burns, as host. Others whose efforts supported the reunion were Brian McKinsey, Smitty, Peg, Dolly, JoAnn Bradford, and nameless others behind the scenes. None of this was or is an easy job.

San Antonio is next year's destination. We're looking at a September or October timeframe. More information will be coming your way later on as we tie up all the loose ends.

Major Trent Gibson has contacted us. Twice Commanding Officer of Kilo Company 3/7 in Iraq, he has show an interest in our reunions and we expect some of his Grunts to visit with us in San Antonio.

At the business meeting, Ashville, N.C. (20 votes) was chosen for our 2008 site over Las Vegas (18 votes) and Philadelphia (9 votes). That time will also be a September, October date.

Kilo's 2006 reunion is now just a memory for most of us as we start looking forward to San Antonio. '65-'66, 3rd Herd, the Corpsmen, the C.O., Actuals, Radio Operators, just plain old Grunts. No cliques, no "special people"…ALL special people!

Join us in San Antonio. Someone you know has been looking for you. Let's see you there!

Semper Fi

Bill Rolke '69
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The stats for this reunion are as follows:

August-New Orleans, Louisiana-Omni Royal Orleans
65 rooms