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The Twelfth Annual Reunion was held in Appleton, Wisconsin,
August 04, 2011 through August 08, 2011.


Appleton - 2011

Another reunion for Kilo Company has come and gone, and now, most of us look forward to, and wait, for the next one.

August in Wisconsin started out hot and humid. It was a miserable month until the day before our reunion started, then the weather broke and it became quite pleasant and walking around Appleton was enjoyable.

Setting up a reunion isn't an easy accomplishment. It's looking for a hotel with everything we need; Banquet facilities for 200+ people; A hospitality suite that will accommodate the raffle items, the liquor, beer and snacks, scrap books and pictures; The banquet and entertainment; Our memorial service and the honors that go with remembering our lost and fallen brothers; Trips and tours; And matching it all with a good rate and available dates.

Our host in Appleton this year, Lloyd Wells (65-66), did a wonderful job of making sure everything fell into place and everyone felt welcome. He had us in a great hotel, planned a nice tour, selected a great band for entertainment and a one man band for our after banquet enjoyment. Well Done Lloyd.

Other News:


* During our annual reunion meeting there was talk about adding an extra day to our reunion, starting them on Wednesday, as it would add more opportunity for us to see the sights. Because many of us show up a day early anyway.

* Our raffle this year, to everyone who donated, contributed or participated, Thanks.

* KILO FUND: I've overseen the Kilo Fund since its inception...Set up as a Memorial Fund and a Travel Fund, it carries on our Marine tradition of never leaving one of our own behind.

* If you know of someone in need of financial help attending our reunion, contact Don Tackett, Tom Bittner or Keith Votravis. If you wish to donate to our fund, send a check to me (Bill Rolke) made out to KILO COMPANY - NOT ME ! Specify if the donation is for Travel or our Tree Fund.

* Kilo Company Roster: The Kilo Company roster is something I've just recently taken over the responsibility for...Peg Smith has done a beautiful job, but needs a break. She's going to be a tough act to follow so hang in there with me as I work at it. (And from me, Peg...Thanks)

* Normally, over 450 mailings of the roster would be mailed out. For various reasons, many come back as undeliverable or unknown. This is one of the places our donations go.  At over a dollar a mailing, the cost adds up. Because of this, I'm going to do something different. This year if you want an updated roster, send me a card with your name and address and a minimum donation of dollars, I'll get a new copy off to you...At the same time, if you've moved, changed your phone number or Email address, it's up to you to let me know so I can keep the roster up to date.

* Anyone wishing to donate to the Kilo Fund, get an updated roster or have their information updated; Please fill out the form at: Information.

* Like a lot of you, I can't wait for next year's reunion. We had a lot of first time members in Appleton...I hope that if you haven't come to be with us before, you'll think about joining us next year.

* To Everyone...Semper Fi Bill Rolke

* ********NEXT YEARS REUNION*******

Semper Fi.

Bill Rolke 1969.

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The stats for this reunion are as follows:

Appleton, WI-Radiss on Paper Valley
86 rooms/189 people