S. Frey

The all come marching in,
these brave soldiers,
side by

The crowds begin
to gather 'round.
To pay their homage
to Brothers in Arms.

Many hold hands,
as some begin to sing,
some light fires,
soon everyone unites.

The crowd begins to hush,
the speaker arrives,
To tell the story
of our Warriors' march.

The crowd listens with
full attention,
Not a word is spoken,
nothing but tears.

The speaker spoke
some words so dear,
about the truth, sacrifices,
our Warriors' made.

Soon after, the crowd begins
to pay their homage
to the Names
on the Memorial Wall

Some are friends,
some are strangers,
but on this momentous day,
everyone is Family.

A few days later, it comes
to an end.
They march again,
Our Warriors On The Move....

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