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Nam tour of Ken Gould, 66/67.
Photo # One
Taken from an aircraft of Chu Lai, Quang Ngai Province in 1966.
Photo # Two
Taken from an aircraft in Chu Lai. Med ship beached.

Photo # Three
Operation DeSoto. On Nui Dang (Hill) near Duc Pho. We had a .50 cal MG on the hill which we used to sink boats in the free fire zone.

Photo # Four
Operation DeSoto. Another view from Nui Dang, artillery or mortar fire below our position.

Photo # Five
Operation DeSoto. Cpl. Wayne Kenny in a Mighty Mite on Nui Dang. The vehicle was dropped on the hill because of mine fields all around it.

Photo # Six
Operation DeSoto. Unknown Marine who was with the 106 Platoon.

Photo # Seven
Operation DeSoto. Our pet dog on Nui Dang. The dog would cross minefields without setting them off.

Photo # Eight
Operation DeSoto. This is where I lived on Nui Dang. A fresh water spring was half way down the hill in the grass. It was very hot on the hill.

Photo # Nine
Operation DeSoto. That's me climbing out of the Comm Bunker on an ARVN hill near Quang Ngai which was loaded with rats.

Photo # Ten
Me at 1st Marine Division in DaNang. January 1967.

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