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Nam tour of Robert "Doc" Evans, 1968/69.
Photo provided by Robert Evans, 'Doc'., 68/69.
The Navy Corpsmen of Kilo 3/7 from 28 July 1968.
The picture was taken by Wes Lawrence on Hill 10 BAS after we had 'rotated out of the bush'.

Left to Right:
Tracey Knutton, HM3 Senior Corpsman
Wes Lawrence, HM3 2nd Platoon
Jerry Walker, HM3 3rd Platoon
Mike Dillard, HM3 3rd Platoon
Bob Evans, HM3 1st Platoon
Bill Faron, HM3 1st Platoon
Insert: Wayne Caron, HM3 2nd Platoon, KIA, July 28, 1968

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