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Robert Mueller 1967/68

Photo # One
Patrol back to Hill 10, around June 1967,
1st Squad, 2nd Platoon, Kilo 3/7.
Photo # Two
Bridge below Hill 55,
which the 2nd Platoon held around August to October 1967.
Photo # Three
Morning ID check on bridge below Hill 55 around the end of 1967. Identified only as 'Snag' Mays.
Photo # Four
'Doc' hitches a ride back to Hill 55 after mine sweep around the end of 1967.
'Doc' is Richard Wagner.
Photo  # Five
R&R day trip to China Beach, Kilo 2nd Platoon machine gun team November 1967!

Right bottom-Pete Marino
Right Middle-Verne Johnson KIA Dec. 13, 1967
Center and Left-Both Unidentified.

China Beach 1967
Photo # Six
Recoilless Rifle attached to Kilo at the end of 1967 through first of 1968 on bridge below hill 55.

Photo # Seven
End of 1967-60MM mortar crew attached to 2nd platoon preps for shot on Hill 55.

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