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William "Bill" Rolke, 1969/70

Photo # One:
Bill Rolke, 69/70

Photo # Two:

Left to Right
Don Spencer (with blue towel),
Bill Rolke (injured diving for cover),
Left to Right
Buddy Sheets (weapons platoon),
Dave Crook (squad radio man).

Photo # Three:
Hill 10
July 1969 Facing East

Photo # Four:
Doc Bigelow And Me,
With M-60,
Hill 10,
July 3, 1969

Photo # Five:
Me On Hill 10,
July 1969

Photo # Six:
Benson and Me
Hill 41
March 1969

Photo # Seven:
New Mess, Hill 41,
Facing North
Towards Hill 10
February 1969

Photo # Eight:

No Description.

Photo # Nine:
Wayne Miller (With M-60)
And Me, Hill 10,
July 3, 1969

Photo # Ten
Aussie Girl,
Tanya Vale,
March 1969

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