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Tom Urekew, 1969

Tom Urekew, 1969

Photo # One
Hill 41, Urinal?

Photo of a urinal?  1969
Photo # Two
Left to Right
Tom Urekew,
Roger Sanders.

Tom Urekew 1969

Photo # Three
Richard Jaehne 'wrestling' with Benny Hollingsworth.

Richard Jaehne 1969

Photo # Four
Unidentified Corpsman.

Photo # Five
Not sure which platoon this is.

?Platoon  1969
Photo # Six
This could be our radioman, Mike Rankin, laying on bunk looking at camera.

Radioman 1969

Photo # Seven
Left to Right
Tom Urekew
Benny Hollingsworth
Mike Shoulders
Tom Urekew  1969

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