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Photo of all of the Kilo's that showed from 1965 through 1970!

Back Left to Right:
John Bender, William Gerke, David Wilkey, Joseph Martino, Jay Sutton, Forrest Cresswell, Michael Grigsby, Press Pullins, Jeff Hamil, Jake Jackovich, Chuck Middlebrook, George Gaertner, Charles Hoopaugh, William Soda, Donald Hinman, James Bradford, Jim Smoot, Patrick Snelson, Marty Ryder.

Middle Left to Right:
Anthony Catarella, William Rolke, Don Lee, Robert Siksay, Alan Jones, George Firehammer, David Crook, Charles Koenig, Donald McMillen, Robert Evans, Wes Lawrence, Tracy Knutton, Ismael Samaniego, William Soda, Robert Mueller, Ryed Dyer, Richard Rush

Front Left to Right:
Charles Blackburn, Kenneth Lubawski, Robert Callejo, Robert Barone, Harry Smith, Thomas Urekew, Thomas Bittner, Robert Burgroff, John Lord, Rick Kane.
With the ladies.
This photo is copyrighted by Flash Photo. To get a copy please contact Smitty.
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Group! With The Ladies! The Ladies! The Member Photos! Thirty Years!